Customers shall use the Site in accordance with the Terms. Customer shall deem to have agreed any and all the Terms when Customer use the Site. If any damage is caused due to a Customer’s infringement of any terms and conditions of the Terms, the Customer shall compensate any and all damages, costs and expenses incurred by the Company. This Terms and Conditions of Use and other related terms and conditions such as Privacy Policy (hereinafter collectively the “Terms”) shall apply to all the services provided by the Site to any customer who accesses the Site, hereinafter the“Customer”).


Customers may purchase Goods (as defined below) by using the Site. The goods sold via the Site (hereinafter “Goods”) to the Customer are sold by PARS UNUM on behalf of, and for the account of, PARS UNUM. If a Customer would like to purchase Goods, the Customer shall place a purchase order for Goods in accordance with the procedure designated by the Site. When a Customer completes the procedure, an e-mail is sent from the Company in the name of “PARS UNUM Online Shop” that contains the details of the order (hereafter “Order Completion Mail”) will be sent from PARS UNUM to the Customer. At the time when a Order Completion Mail is reached to the Customer, the sale and purchase contract for the Goods between the Customer and PARS UNUM (hereinafter the “Individual Contract”) is taken to have been completed. However, if the Customer has ordered multiple Goods in a single order but there is the Goods which is not listed in the Order Completion Mail, the Individual Contract is not completed for such non listed Goods. For any reason, if the correct retail price for the Goods is different from the price listed on the Site, then the Company may, at its sole discretion, either (a) notify the correct price of Goods to the Customer, and, upon the confirmation by the Customer regarding the keep of the sales and purchase contact for said Goods, continue to perform in accordance therewith, or (b) cancel the Individual Contract upon the notification therefor. In any case, the Customer may not purchase any Goods with the incorrect price. Claim for the difference between the Goods displayed in the Site and the actual one delivered is not accepted in any case/reason. (For example, product may differ slightly from the image(s) displayed in the Site and the actual item). Claim for the difference between the size of the Goods displayed in the Site and that of the actual one delivered is not accepted in any case/reason. (The actual size of the Goods depends on the brand specification, fabric and design, etc. If a purchase order is made for a new goods before release (for the case of pre-order reservation, etc.,) or a made-to-order goods, such Goods will be shipped according to the release date thereof. Whether or not the Customer orders the Goods on the same day or on different days, the Goods ordered separately shall not be bundled or exchanged with each other. Cash on delivery fee will be charged to the Customer if the Customer chooses cash on delivery. Even before the completion of each Individual Contact, it may not be canceled as the period from the Customer’s order to the Company’s agreement is too short. Only when there is special affairs and before the Company agrees to the Customer’s order, the Customer is permitted to contact the following contact address regarding the request for the cancellation of the Individual Contract (provided however that this never mean such request is always accepted). Contact Address : PARS UNUM Online Shop (Hours of Operation 10am-6pm (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays). Title to and risk of loss of each Goods purchased via the Site shall be transferred at the time Goods are delivered by the Company to the delivery agent regardless of terms of payment. Provided, however that, due to the delivery agent’s willfulness or negligence, Goods are lost before the delivery to the designated delivery destination, the Company shall be liable to such loss.


The Customer may use the following payment methods: payment via a credit card in the name of the Customer, payment via PayPal account in the name of the Customer, or where available, payment via Apple Pay in the name of the Customer. Terms and conditions as stipulated in an agreement for such credit card between the Customer and the credit card company shall apply. In case a dispute arises between a Customer and a credit card company/a delivery vicarious agent, etc., the Customer shall, at its sole cost, expense and responsibility, resolve such dispute and shall indemnify and hold the Company harmless from such dispute. Delivery charge for all Goods purchased on the Site shall be borne by the Customer except where shipping is available free of charge or special cases such as promotions or campaigns.


In the case that one or more goods have been purchased by a Customer on preorder, it is understood and accepted that preordered goods will be shipped within 2 weeks of the release date as stated on the product detail page for that specific product. Release dates will vary according to product and/or specific color way and are announced on the product detail page of each unique product. Acceptance of order cancellations after a Customer has purchased a product(s) will be judged on a case by case basis.


In principle, no exchanges or returns of the Goods are accepted purely at the request of the Customer. If a return of the Goods is accepted at the request of the Customer, delivery charges for return of such Goods shall be borne by the Customer. However, if return of Goods is accepted due to the Companies’ fault, the delivery charges for return of such Goods shall be borne by the Company. Return of the Goods shall be accepted only when the Customer requests to the following contact address within 14 days of the delivery of Goods. Provided, however that in any case return of the Goods shall not be accepted in any of the following situations: claim in relation to the different in colors, fabrics, design of the Goods, the Customer’s request such as different in size, 14 days have passed since the delivery of Goods, Goods have already been used or package has already been opened, Goods were originally purchased in a store, Goods do not have their attached tags, part of the Goods, or accessories, are missing, the statement of delivery enclosed at the time of the delivery of the Goods is lost, or any other situation other than the above-mentioned whereby the Company judges return of the Goods is inappropriate. Contact address: PARS UNUM Online Shop: https://www.parsunum.com. The Company shall not have any obligation for Goods purchased by the Customer other than as stipulated in Terms.


The Company may terminate any and all the Individual Contract with the Customer even after the arrival of any of the Order Completion Mail if any of the following case occurs: when ordering long-term out of stock Goods, when an order is placed that exceeds the quantity limit (orderable quantity) of limited goods etc., if an item with no stock is ordered, if in case of long-term absence of the Customer and Goods do not reach the Customer, and if we could not receive proper responses from the Customer in considerable periods (approximately 7 days starting from unreceived date), or the Customer does not reply to telephone inquiry, when there is a significant mistake in the display price of the Goods, when false facts are recognized in the Customer's personal information, when it falls under the prohibited matter stipulated in the Terms, or in addition to the preceding items, if we decide based on reasonable reasons for social reasons. In the event that the Company terminates an Individual Contract with the Customer pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the Company shall return the measures prescribed in the preceding article or the price paid. In addition, the Company is not responsible for the interest of the return price and the obligation of compensation for the damage in said cancellation.


The Company may, without prior notification to Customers, change the content of the Site, or suspend or cancel part or all the provisions of the Site, under any of the following circumstances. If the Company must implement periodic maintenance or emergency maintenance on the Site, or in the case of unavoidable works. If a type1 telecommunications carrier network cancels their telecommunications service. If force majeure such as natural disasters, power shortages, war etc. or interference from a third party makes it difficult or impossible to provide service through the Site. If for any other reason at all, for operational or technological reasons, the Company determines that the content of the Site must be changed, suspended or canceled. If the Company determines it to be necessary, then the Company may, without prior notice to the Customer, suspend or cancel the Customers’ use of the Site. The Company will not be responsible in any way for any damages etc. caused to the Customer due to changes to content, suspension or cancellation as detailed in this article.


All of the trademarks and service marks used on the Site belong to the Company or their affiliate company or are used based on authorized rights such as being licensed. Any unauthorized use is not permitted. All rights pertaining to the content of the Site (text, images, video, voices, program etc.) belong to PARS UNUM. None of the articles, photos, illustrations, etc, on the Site may be used without prior permission from the Company.


When creating a link to the Site, the Company may decline the link depending on the content of the website being linked from and the method of that link. Furthermore, the Company in no way guarantees the content of any sites to which it is linked, and bears no responsibility at all for any damages incurred by a site that is linked to.


In the case of the occurrence of disputes due to a Customer’s using the Site, actions by a Customer that violates any terms and conditions of the Terms, or injury caused a third party by a Customer, the Customer shall, at its sole costs, expenses and responsibility, resolve all such disputes. Furthermore, if the Company shall cause damage or make a payment such as compensation and any other payment In relation to such disputes, the Customer shall immediately compensate to the Company all such payment amount.


The following actions are prohibited in regard to the use of the Site. Any actions that will damage and/or is likely to damage the assets, privacy and any other rights of a third party and/or the Company, any actions that will cause and/or is likely to cause disadvantage or injury to a third party or the Company, any actions that provide false information, either through the Site or in relation to it, any actions that contravene public order and standards of decency, or actions that have the potential to do so, any criminal actions, actions intended to lead to criminal actions, or actions that have the potential to do so, any actions that involve false applications or submissions, such as registering using someone else’s e-mail address, any business activities or actions for the purpose of business, or any other actions with an equivalent purpose, any actions that may harm the good name or trust in a third party or the Company, any actions involving the use or provision of harmful programs, such as computer viruses, or actions that have the potential to do so, any other actions that contravene laws, ordinances or regulations, or actions that have the potential to do so, any other actions, regardless of reason, that the Company determines to be unsuitable.


The laws of the United States of America shall be applied to use of the Site, and interpretation and application of these terms and conditions. Further more, unless otherwise stipulated, the Court shall have jurisdiction as the court of first instanced in regard to all disputes arising concerning the use of the Site.


The Company does not make any representation and warranty to the completeness, veracity, accuracy, utility etc. of the content of the Site, nor of all information that the Customer acquires either through the Site or concerning the Site. Furthermore, the Company does not make any representation and warranty that any of the Goods shown on the Site will be in stock, and cannot promise that any ordered Goods will definitely be delivered. Furthermore, the prices, specifications, release date information etc. relating to all Goods on the Site may be changed without notice. The Company shall not be liable for any trouble, losses, damages etc. suffered as a result of information on the Site or by using the Site. Furthermore, the Company shall not take any responsibility in regard to the Customer under the following circumstances, regardless of the reason for the damages, the cause, the nature of the damages, or the results. Any damages caused due to the information provided on the Site being inaccurate, mistaken or leaked etc., and any damages caused by access to the Site or by failure to access the Site (including becoming infected by viruses etc). Any damages caused by the suspension or stoppage of the operation of the Site, or any damages resulting from a third party hacking the Site and changing the information that it provides.